Meet Marianne

As a young wife and stay-at-home mother, Marianne Waggoner Day was a “typical” June Cleaver housewife of the ’60s and ’70s—until her divorce necessitated getting a job. She started her career in sales and was promoted to various management positions. Ultimately, she became president of retail services for CBRE, where she led the largest commercial retail real estate practice in the world. Under her management, it outperformed the competition nearly two to one.

Marianne was the first woman to earn a Lifetime Achievement Award at the one-hundred-year-old company. She was a frequent speaker and facilitated learning and training sessions. Ten years ago, she elected to step down from her corporate role while continuing to consult with former clients and coach high-performing business professionals.

Now in retirement, she has come full circle—from having her picture in the Wall Street Journal to spending much of her day caring for her grandchildren.

Not exciting? You may be surprised. She started Camp Grandma for her four grandchildren and created lessons and activities from what she knows best. What evolved was a child’s version of a corporate retreat, where she uses fun and engaging ways to teach valuable life skills, such as setting goals, being a team player, and speaking in front of a group.

Along the way, she observed the often diminished and undervalued role of the grandparent in our society today. Grandparents are so much more than babysitters. Marianne wants to be a voice that elevates their “brand” and inspire ways to unlock even greater potential in the role.

Marianne is also the author of A Shared Grandmother’s Journal—An Interactive Treasure for You and Your Grandchild and she has written for Working Mother, Grand Magazine, Grandma’s Briefs, Thrive Global and Living Better 50.

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