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Camp Grandma reveals how a successful businesswoman merged her working career with her role as grandmother—and offers grandparents fun and creative ideas for enriching their relationships with their grandchildren while teaching the children valuable life skills that will help them grow strong and think critically. Readers will be introduced to a compelling, sometimes humorous, and totally unexpected twist on a role people often take for granted—as well as enter into the larger societal conversation we should be having about the possibilities and value of grandparenting and how the woman's movement has reinvigorated and reshaped not only women's approach to being a grandmother but men's approach to the grandfather role. Warm cookies and milk are still okay, but what if they came with a workshop on goal setting or writing a business plan for the school year? Babysitting? Not even close.

"Over the river and through the woods to a totally different kind of grandmother! In this unique and wonderful book, Day offers a new and refreshing perspective on being a twenty-first century grandmother. Funny, wise, clever, practical, and helpful, Camp Grandma presents a new layer to consider in the relationship between grandparent and grandchild."
—Laree Kiely, PhD, President, WeWill, Inc.

"Camp Grandma is a surprisingly motivational book for grandparents everywhere. Written with clarity and humor, it inspires grandparents to look anew at all they have to share with their grandchildren. Best of all, it gives specifics as to how to create a framework of fun and learning." —Gloria Loring, singer, songwriter, actress, and author of Coincidence Is God's Way of Remaining Anonymous

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