“Your children need help in raising your grandchildren—because they are, as all parents are, flawed parents. That’s where you, the grandparent, come in. The power of grandparents to positively influence grandchildren cannot be overstated. Camp Grandma is an excellent and needed guide to becoming that grandparent. You—and your grandchildren—will be grateful you read it.”
Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and columnist, New York Times bestselling author, and founder of Prager University

“Marianne Waggoner Day is determined to teach grandparents everywhere that babysitting can be fun and innovative. Throughout the pages of Camp Grandma, Day gives grandparents new ways to get children working hard and thinking critically—ultimately setting them up for an even brighter future.”
Ashley Johnson, a contributor to Parade and a content editor for She Reads, specializing in the latest and greatest fiction and nonfiction.

“Over the river and through the woods to a totally different kind of grandmother! In this unique and wonderful book, Day offers a new and refreshing perspective on being a twenty-first century grandmother. Funny, wise, clever, practical, and helpful, Camp Grandma presents a new layer to consider in the relationship between grandparent and grandchild."
Laree Kiely, PhD, President, WeWill, Inc.

“Camp Grandma is a surprisingly motivational book for grandparents everywhere. Written with clarity and humor, it inspires grandparents to look anew at all they have to share with their grandchildren. Best of all, it gives specifics as to how to create a framework of fun and learning."
Gloria Loring, singer, songwriter, actress, and author of Coincidence Is God's Way of Remaining Anonymous

“In a time when mobility, social media, and rootlessness characterize the experience of so many of our children, Marianne Waggoner Day describes a wonderful approach that draws on the wisdom of a former era."
Joyce Crofoot, PhD, clinical psychologist

“By sharing her life experiences, Marianne demonstrates how to engage our grandchildren in meaningful opportunities to build their personal skills, as well as their loving relationships with each other and their families, while having fun at the same time."
Nancy J. Lavelle, PhD, founder and President/CEO, Total Education Solutions, Inc.

“This book gives grandparents an insightful look and guide to help their grandchildren's development and find value and purpose in their lives while giving them a new sense of value and purpose in their own—an essential need for healthy human existence for all generations. A truly remarkable book that redefines what it means to be a grandparent and gives grandchildren the skills they need to last a lifetime."
Lucinda A. Ribant, MFT, marriage and family therapist

“Camp Grandma not only is a terrific story of how to make the most of your relationships with your grandchildren but also sheds light on the role of grandparents and how we are valued in our society.">
Julie Anne Perkins, former educator and mindfulness instructor

“Delightfully written with clarity and humor, Camp Grandma is a wise and inspirational book for grandparents and grandparents-to-be. It's packed with great ideas you can customize for grandchildren of any age. It's a resource I'll turn to again and again."
Jo Bonita Rains, educator and cultural diversity specialist

“Camp Grandma has a positive and uplifting energy that encourages and inspires this longtime teacher and brand-new grandma to open her heart to new adventures, new learning, and new loves with her grandchild."
Susan Snyder MS Ed, education specialist; general education and special education teacher; Adjunct Instructor, University of La Verne; and new grandma

“As Marianne Waggoner Day eloquently describes her precious camp, one realizes that a grandparent can shed the rules and restrictions that accompany parenthood. Additionally, her camp is seen through the lens of a corporate person—one who encourages playing and working together and problem solving toward common goals."
Michele A, Wagman, speech and language pathologist

“An entertaining and effective way to build constructive, long-term relationships with your grandchildren. Good for grandmothers—and grandfathers too."
Robert Leech, financial planner and grandfather

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